Celler de Badalona

Daily menu and breakfast

As is well known, breakfast is the main meal of the day, which breaks the overnight fast asleep without eating, and should certainly be a major energy contribution to continue tomorrow. In the Celler de Badalona we offer a full breakfast at the best price! Have breakfast on the grill or just try one of our toasts with quality sausage.


Tuesday to Saturday

fork breakfast:

  • Sausage, Lamb, steak with beans.

… and our famous bacon and sausage!!! in a crusty ciabatta bread freshly roasted grilled with a little oil, tomato and garlic to give you the best traditional flavor…

Daily Market Menu

Try our stews (Lentils, Cooked, stews, …)

And our second wood grilled (Lamb, sausage, steak, wings, back, between more plates)

Try our fresh fish and our homemade desserts!